Asana Society Podcast with Robert Sturman

Asana Society Podcast with Robert Sturman

Artist, Robert Sturman sits down with the inspiring human beings he has worked closely with.

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    Adrianne Haslet | #BostonStrong to the Core! and Beyond!

    This is my definition of podcasting to the core — well, the only reason I started doing a few here and there. Two great friends just casually hangin' out, talking about life. One of my all time favorites. Adrianne Haslet is the essence of #BostonStrong and a triumphant warrior who started conquering marathons after losing her leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. At the time she was a spectator and had never run anywhere in her life.

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    The Braille Institute Yogis

    “Yoga makes me want to live,” says Angela, a 92 year old Yogi who has been practicing yoga for ten years at the Braille Institute in Los Angeles, California. Robert worked a couple of day with many Yogis at the institute and then sat down to speak with them.

    The Braille Institute Yoga Program was founded by Lulu Berton.

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    The Yogi Cop | Officer Milosovich

    Being a cop is no light matter. Being a cop with a commitment to keep his heart open, even more of a challenge ~ Yoga led him there and left him no other choice. Or perhaps he had no other choice and yoga has helped him to live there.

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    The San Quentin Yogis | Journey Inside

    Meet the San Quentin Yogis. Join Robert Sturman, long time Photographer/Artist with the Prison Yoga Project, as he takes you into San Quentin to get to know some of deeply devoted yoga practitioners. Wow!

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    Eric Paskel | The Man Knows What He’s Talkin’ About

    Eric Paskel | The Man Knows What He’s Talkin’ About. Some real talk between two great friends in support of each other's authentic journey. Eric Paskel is the owner of Electric Soul Yoga and an exciting, inspiring, refreshing and important voice.

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    Your Smile Could Save A Life

    An 8 minute talk on the Yoga of Seeing, ‘Golden Gate Jumpers’ and Your Smile that Could Save a Life.

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    Kelly Kamm | Real talk about the yoga biz, social media and narcissism, backbends and Pablo Neruda.

    Robert Sturman sits with dear friend and long time muse, Kelly Kamm. Some real talk about the yoga biz, social media and narcissism, backbends and Pablo Neruda.

    In Kelly's own words: "I have a confusing relationship with yoga photos these days... is it art? Is it self indulgence? Is it celebration of the body and it’s holiness? Or is it glorification of flexibility? I don’t have an answer because I think it’s somewhere in between all of those things (depending on who’s doing it, of course) and I don’t quite have a handle on it yet. I do know that when Robert and I get together, our intention is simply to create. The body and the camera are what we have, so we use them. Creating something is important. Thanks Robert Sturman, love you and our work together."

    Music courtesy of DJ Drez.... Asana Society theme song ~ “Selecta Move”

    If you are inspired by this podcast and the work Robert Sturman is doing, you can support us by making a donation here:

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    Art is Doing | Selfless Parallels of Creation and Kindness

    A brief talk by Robert Sturman — When art is thoroughly created, felt, loved — the act itself will change the world, regardless of whether it will ever be seen.

    Music courtesy of DJ Drez.... Asana Society theme song ~ “Selecta Move”

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    Tao Porchon-Lynch

    On this episode of Asana Society, Robert Sturman meets up with his dear friend and muse, 99 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch. A living treasure.

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    Tommy Valencia | Yoga Hero

    On this episode of Asana Society, Robert Sturman sits with Tommy Valencia, a true Yoga Warrior. Tommy survived two open heart surgeries and lived to tell about it.

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